I’m a 20-something professional researcher who loves food: growing it, reading about it, shopping for it, eating it. cityfarming808 is an outlet of my personal experiences with food as a curious consumer, gardener and amateur chef.  If you like to talk about food (or not), I’d love to connect with you.  Leave a comment or follow me on Twitter.

About cityfarming808

City farming or urban agriculture generally refers to the production, processing and distribution of food in a densely populated area.  It’s not a new concept, but one that is arising again in association with the local food movement happening all over the world.  People have again taken to growing food in large-scale agrobusinesses, small farms and backyard gardens located in cities and suburban neighborhoods.  In Hawaii, local food and preserving our agricultural land is becoming a major component of discussions and political action on sustainability.  This movement is a reflection of how we are starting to value food as a fuel for our bodies, for environmental stewardship and for our local economies.

cityfarming808 about local food in Hawaii and around the world, along with my own adventures as an urban gardener and home cook armed with a 40 ft2 lanai and budget kitchen.  It’s also a sort of tool for self-edification…and (maybe) you’ll pick up something too.  Tell me what you think.