Setting Up My Lanai Herb Garden

After moving to town about 6 weeks ago, I finally got around to some serious lanai-gardening action.  I’m still fresh out of the suburbs and accustomed to a sizable corner of a yard in which I could experiment, so this lanai thing is a new (and hopefully tasty) adventure for me.


My garden last year


Now with such limited space and a cement lanai, I needed to be more intentional.  Luckily this apartment gets great afternoon sun, making it a nice location for an herb garden.

My original plan was to be thrifty and bring a bunch of plants from my old yard to my new place, plus a few leftover potted-herb wedding favors.  But of course, most of them died from neglect during the move.  All that survived was a battered papaya tree, pineapple green onion, mint and Hawaiian chili pepper.

So after much thought, and a lot if reading, I settled on building up my lanai herb garden with basil, Spanish oregano, French thyme, dill, sage, rosemary, Chinese parsley and garlic.  And to keep them all alive, in case I forget to water…fancy glass watering globes.


1: New herbs!. 2: Gardening research. 3: Emergency glass watering bulbs. 4: Pretty view from inside. 5: Culantro keeping me company in my office.


I’ll keep you posted on how my new lanai garden is working out, but leave a comment if you have any tips.