Farmers’ Market Visit

I’m back!  Sorry for the long break, but I think I have a pretty good excuse: I got married!!  It was crazy, stressful, fun, beautiful…everything typical of a wedding.  And along with gaining a husband, I moved from my parents’ place in suburban west Oahu to a small apartment in Honolulu.  What a big change!  One plus is that I can get to a new farmers’ market — the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation’s Wednesday Farmers Market @ the Neil Blaisdell Center.  If you live or work in town, it’s happening on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 7 pm.  It looks pretty small from the road, but it’s packed with stands offering veggies, fruits, cheese, even dried marlin and plate lunches (or dinners).  Yum!!  I grabbed us some baby romaines, bananas and sweet basil…all for less than $10.


A side note: tonight’s dinner is a beef stew with dill sauce made from dill I’m growing on our lanai.  It’s my first attempt at this recipe and using a slow cooker.  Smells good and the slow cooker didn’t explode, so I’m counting this one as a success so far.